Befriending the foe: Towards an instructional model on utilizing the social media in the classroom

2017 IJRSET – Volume 6 Issue 1


Montebon, Darryl Roy T.*
Philippine Normal University, Philippines (


The role of the social media has expanded from just establishing a network of friends to different areas such as business, entertainment, and even education. While the challenge stands for every teacher to win the students against too much exposure to social media, this research seeks to help teachers be informed on how they can utilize the social media for classroom advantage. This qualitative research investigates on the experiences and perceptions of pre-service teachers who are going to be future literature teachers as they prepare lessons using Facebook, implement their plan, and assess student learning. While there are several researches that are available on the effect of the social media in the classroom, this research presents how the social media can do so when it is utilized as a main platform for instruction and not just for supplementary activity. The responses gathered from the questionnaire given to the pre-service teachers were analyzed as to the framework of Bexheti, Ismaili, and Cico (2014) that social media affect the different areas of classroom activities in content, creation, connection, and collaboration. This research found out that the experiences and perceptions of students are positive in general with some challenges identified. It can be deduced that the social media when utilized as medium of instruction for teaching can motivate the 21st century to study literature. An instructional model called MEDIA was designed after the analysis of the research results.

Keywords: social media in the classroom; Facebook; modern teaching of literature; media model for classroom instruction using social media



*Corresponding Author