Utilization of SPARK Science Learning System (SSLS) and its effect on science process skills of students in science

2015 IJRSET – Volume 4 Issue 2


Ganeb, Maribel
Science Department, Andres Bonifacio Integrated School, Philippines (jumpahead19@yahoo.com)

Montebon, Darryl Roy T.*
Institute of Teaching and Learning, Philippine Normal University, Philippines (montebon.drt@pnu.edu.ph)

Buzon, Olivia
Faculty of Science Technology and Mathematics, Philippine Normal University, Philippines (buzon.or@pnu.edu.ph)


This study looked into the utilization of SPARK Science Learning System (SSLL) in Science Investigative processes to determine its effect in enhancing the integrated process skills of students. A quasi-experimental, pre-test and post-test, research design was utilized to investigate the hypotheses of this study. Two groups were randomly assigned to be the experimental (SSLS) and the conventional group. Both groups were taught using the same modules. However, the SSLS group utilized the SPARK Science Learning System. After the six-week exposure the data that had been gathered revealed that utilization of SSLS in a science class enabled students to develop better integrated science process skills.

Keywords: SPARK Science Learning System (SSLS); integrated science process skills; computer assisted instruction; educational technology; science education


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrset.2015.1192

*Corresponding Author