Visual support in assessing listening comprehension: Does it help?

2014 IJRSET – Volume 3 Issue 2


Latifi, Mehdi*
Amin University, Iran (

Mirzaee, Akbar
Amin University, Iran (


The current research was an attempt to determine the effects of implementing visual resources in assessing the comprehension capability of L2 learners in listening. Forty eight EFL students in the intermediate and advanced levels of proficiency were chosen to participate in this study. The subjects were then assigned to four different groups: an Advanced Video Group (AVG), an Intermediate Video group (IVG), an Advanced Audio Group (AAG) and an Intermediate Audio Group (IAG). All groups were formed by twelve participants. The subjects went through a series of multiple choice questions taken from a BBC TV show entitled ‘How to improve your memory’. The movie was segmented into two parts, based on some pre-determined criteria, to make the two testing sessions shorter. Having run the test, the researcher submitted the data to the SPSS software for further analysis. The findings indicated no meaningful differences among the scores obtained from advance participants, while the Intermediate Video Group subjects did significantly better on the test compared to the Intermediate Audio Group leading to the conclusion that visual support can be beneficial to L2 learners.

Keywords: assessing listening; listening comprehension; testing; visual support



*Corresponding Author