Compare and contrast Grameen Shikka (Education) and Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) education in Bangladesh

2014 IJRSET – Volume 3 Issue 1


Rouf, Kazi Abdur*
University of Toronto, Canada
Noble International University, USA (


Grameen Shakki child education services and BRAC education programs in Bangladesh are well known for NGOs managed community child education in the world. Their programs are targeted to poor children and they are inclusive to community partners in Bangladesh although their child education programs are in experimental stages. BRAC education program is widely circulated in the world and many agencies want to replicate its model to different countries. This research is author`s personal what programs and strategies these two organizations are using that are different from Bangladesh publicly and privately managed children schools. This research attempted to know what are their programs, how they are working and managing child education, their cost-effectiveness of the programs in Bangladesh. The author reviewed literatures related to child inclusive education, uses secondary sources of information about these two organizations and their web texts. In addition, the author also uses his personal experience working in Bangladesh. The study indicates that BRAC-BEP program and GS child education services are inclusive to poor children in Bangladesh. Their programs are popular in their operating areas. Although public child education system is free in Bangladesh; however, these two agencies schools and their child learning centers have huge demand in Bangladesh. Throughout this study, the author realizes that it needs a nation-wide study to compare and contrast performances and the effectiveness of the systems of the publicly managed child education and NGOs managed child education, and privately managed child education in Bangladesh.

Keywords: BRAC education program; Community learning centers; Grameen Bank Center Schools; Grameen Shikka; NGOs managed child education



*Corresponding Author