A review on the pragmatic approaches in educating and learning creativity

2012 IJRSET – Volume 1 Issue 1


Lin, Hsiu Fen*
Cultural Worker International Education, Taiwan, ROC (linshowfen@yahoo.com.tw)


Current educational programs have always focused in knowledge building. However, developing ones creative skills is also considered as one of the major function of education. This paper reviews on the pragmatic approaches in educating and learning creativity. Starting from defining creativity, pragmatic techniques in learning creativity, strategies in creative education, and assessments method involved. Review concluded that creative skills can be train and develop. Future researches should try to empirically test the validity of such creative learning processes.

Keywords: creativity; literature review; pragmatic approaches; learning approaches; assessments


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrset.2012.v1i1.39

*Corresponding Author