Curriculum, instruction, assessment, issues and concerns in the Saint Mary’s University graduate school: Perspectives from stakeholders

2018 IJRSE – Volume 7 Issue 1


Cachola, Susan G.*
Saint Mary’s University, Philippines (

Aduca, Ma. Cristeta
Saint Mary’s University, Philippines (

Valtoribio, Dominga
Saint Mary’s University, Philippines (

Guevara, Analyn
Saint Mary’s University, Philippines (


Graduate education is the apex of the educational system (Article XIII, Section 66, of the Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education, 2008). The promotion and high level of achievement of demonstrated success and quality in teaching and scholarship on graduate levels manifest a higher education institute’s academic excellence. Graduate education should take the lead role in enhancing the quality of Philippine higher education towards global competitiveness and world-class scholarship. As a Level III accredited Higher Education Institution, the Graduate School of SMU has a reasonably high standard of instruction, a highly visible research tradition and a strong faculty development programs (MORPHE, 2008). To maintain this academic recognition, the institution conducted assessment of its programs on the areas of curriculum, instructional materials, evaluation and grading, community service and involvement, library and physical facilities, admission and student services and research activities. This study employed the descriptive type of research through the use of the survey method, interview and focus group discussions with the faculty, alumni and the graduate students enrolled in the different graduate programs of the university. Results show that the provisions or conditions of all the areas of the graduate programs are moderately extensive and functioning well. Inasmuch as the Graduate School is now on its Level III status, the study recommends more comprehensive efforts to raise the provisions and conditions to a status of excellence.

Keywords: academic excellence; core areas; graduate education; graduate programs; higher education institution



*Corresponding Author