Towards the development of a Charisma Inventory for Teaching Effectiveness (CITE) in the Philippine classroom

2018 IJRSE – Volume 7 Issue 1


Torio, Von Anthony G.*
Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines (
De La Salle, Manila, Philippines

Torio, Myla Zenaida C.
Philippine Normal University, Manila, Philippines (
University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines


Teaching effectiveness is essential in bringing about classroom achievement. Charisma is strongly linked with teaching effectiveness. Huang and Lin (2014) named four factors related to charisma which were utilized in this study. The factors include: 1) character traits, 2) knowledge, 3) humor, and 4) teaching techniques. Using these factors, the proponents aimed to develop an instrument to measure charisma called, Charisma Inventory for teaching effectiveness (CITE). The development of the instrument followed the Development research design that involved two phases. The first phase is the development of the instrument and second phase is the tryout of the instrument. Using the four areas of charisma according to Huang and Lin (2014), a new set of 10 items per area were developed giving a total of 40 items in all. The second phase involved the utilization of the instrument where the teaching effectiveness of an identified faculty was determined through student evaluation. The result of the evaluation revealed that all areas of the identified faculty were outstanding with character traits being the strongest area and teaching techniques being the weakest. The results of the evaluation using the instrument provided insights as to improving classroom practices and addressing classroom achievement. Further tests may be done with the instrument in order to determine some other psychometric characteristics of the developed instrument.

Keywords: charisma; teaching effectiveness; Philippines; achievement; teaching inventory



*Corresponding Author