Working with teacher and student voices: Towards developing a competency standard for a Filipino chemistry teacher

2017 IJRSE – Volume 6 Issue 4


Espinosa, Allen A.*
Philippine Normal University, Philippines (

Nueva España, Rebecca C.
Philippine Normal University, Philippines (

Datukan, Janir T.
Philippine Normal University, Philippines (

Cortez, Leah Amor S.
Philippine Normal University, Philippines (

Tameta, Anna Danica C.
Philippine Normal University, Philippines (


With the aim of identifying competencies specific to a Filipino chemistry teacher, the present study surveyed and interviewed chemistry education academics and pre-service chemistry teachers across the Philippines. The results are divided into two: the primary competencies and the secondary competencies. The primary competency got the highest rating in the survey while the secondary competency got the second highest as agreed upon by the academics and the pre-service teachers. Results of aspect 1 show the importance of pedagogical content knowledge. In aspect 2, however, good knowledge on assessment of a teacher is deemed necessary. Aspect 3 deals with the ability of the teacher to vary his/her teaching strategy while aspect 4 recommends teachers to invest on professional development.

Keywords: pedagogical skills; performance assessment skills; classroom management skills professional development skills; chemistry teacher education



*Corresponding Author