Integration of content instruction with constructivist-based strategies: An approach to teach first-year engineering mathematics

2017 IJRSE – Volume 6 Issue 3


Choy, Jeanette Lyn Fung*
Republic Polytechnic, Singapore (

Yeo, Wee Loon
Republic Polytechnic, Singapore (


This paper proposed an approach to teaching first-year engineering mathematics, based on constructivist strategies, through careful integration of interactive lectures and small-group learning. Students’ perceptions of learning mathematics through this approach were examined through both quantitative and qualitative approaches (N = 425). The results from the student feedback scores indicated strong consensus among students that the integrated approach was useful in helping students gained knowledge and skills in solving mathematical problems (M =3.85, SD = .62). Further insights gathered from the qualitative data revealed that students relished having more opportunities for practice under close guidance of the facilitator and resources. The discussion points to the appropriateness of using different teaching approaches to meet the diverse needs of learning of mathematics.

Keywords: mathematics education; constructivism; interactive seminars; small group learning



*Corresponding Author