Teaching writing in Arabic to raise students’ environmental awareness attitude

2015 IJRSE – Volume 4 Issue 2


Rahmat, Aceng*
Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Indonesia (aceng57@gmail.com)


This model of material development for teaching writing is based on the genre approach. The aim of teaching, in addition to improving the ability of writing, is also to improve the students’ awareness attitude toward the environment. Learning Arabic through the genre approach gives the emphasis on the language use in accordance with the functions of language. The model of teaching material development integrates the knowledge of writing, written material and caring attitude. The techniques used in this teaching writing are formulating the hypothesis, collecting the data, analyzing the data, and constructing the findings with the emphasis on caring attitude. The method used in the development of this model of teaching materials was the procedural model proposed by Borg and Gall. Procedural model is a descriptive model that describes the flow or the procedural steps to be followed to produce teaching materials. The stages in the procedural model include: (1) research and gathering initial information, (2) planning, (3) development of initial product format, (4) the initial trial, (5) revision of the product, (6) field trials, (7) revision of the product, (8) field test, (9) the revision of the final product, and (10) the dissemination and implementation. The model was tested in a Madrasah Aliyah in Jakarta. Test results show that t-observed is 12.23 and the t-table at 0.05 significance level is 1.70. The t-observed is greater than the t-table. This means that there is a significant difference between the learning achievements before and after the use of Arabic language teaching materials integrating the values of environmental concerns. In conclusion, these materials can improve student learning outcomes and effective to use in learning the Arabic language that integrates the attitude values concerning the living environment.

Keywords: model of teaching material development; writing Arabic; the genre approach; attitude; the environmental awareness


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrse.2015.990

*Corresponding Author