Successful TV-production teamwork in the classroom: A critical analysis

2016 IJRSE – Volume 5 Issue 1


Wang, Huei Lan*
Department of Communication, Nan Hua University, Taiwan (


How do teams overcome challenges and work more effectively, and how relevant are the answers to these questions in different classroom team environments? Teamwork research identifies several factors that determine success in the classroom. This study analyzes how these factors influence a TV production project in a university media class. Using qualitative methodology with in-depth interviews and small-group studies, this study constructs a hypothesis that focuses on the importance of goal setting, decision-making, leadership style, and team communication for each key function. The result is vital for both instructor and students to implement effective teamwork processes and to understand how to solve potential problems with this process. Classroom instructors can use this information to make accommodations in the design of assignments and the expected teamwork outcomes.

Keywords: teamwork; TV production; classroom design; management



*Corresponding Author