The influence of learning strategy resolution based toward environmental health learning result observed by students’ concept

2015 IJRSE – Volume 4 Issue 1


Sumantri, Mohamad Syarif*
State University of Jakarta, Indonesia (

State University of Jakarta, Indonesia (


The objective of this research was to know the effect of learning strategy and self-concept toward the environmental learning result about recyclable Garbage in a public elementary school, SDN 1 Tugu Selatan, North Jakarta. This research applied true experimental design with posttest-only control design. Population of the research covered all sixth grade-students of 2012/2013 whereas samples included students of class VIB as experimental (PBL) and of class VIA as control (Expository). Learning outcome of environmental health education test and self-concept scale questionnaire was employed as instruments of the research. Quantitative data consisting of score knowledge about waste recycling and self-concept scale questionnaire was collected on February until April 2012. Data was analyzed by linear variant statistical analysis (ANOVA), continued with Tukey test. Result of the research indicates that PBL does exist in the knowledge about waste recycling. Students with PBL have higher value of knowledge than those with expository of strategy. Based on this research, the researcher suggests that teachers be able to implement this strategy in education living environment learning.

Keywords: learning strategy; self-concept; environmental health education; problem based learning (PBL); elementary school



*Corresponding Author