Transition into teaching – The lived experience of De La Salle Lipa education graduates: A hermeneutic phenomenology

2014 IJRSE – Volume 3 Issue 5


Macatangay, Jose C.*
De La Salle Lipa, Philippines (


The first year of teaching is the deciding factor whether a new teacher will embrace this noble profession or quit at the end of the school year. No matter how equipped a beginning teacher is, there are intricacies and challenges that arise especially in the first few months of being in the battleground called classroom. Studying the lived experience of new teachers can serve a two-fold purpose: it can be therapeutic on their part and it can help improve the experiential learning courses of undergraduate students. Using a hermeneutic phenomenological design, this study aims to explore on the meaning of lived experience of 20 De La Salle Lipa Education graduates batch 2014 employed in various schools within and outside the province of Batangas. Following Lichtman’s (2006) six-step process of Codes, Categories and Concepts, key themes illuminated from the study: the real classroom is an entirely different world, the first step to teaching is really full of challenges, some positive personal traits are essential to survive teaching, teaching competencies are crucial in the practice of the teaching profession and Lasallian education plays an important role in creating a positive attitude towards teaching and in facilitating their transition to it. Results will be important in enhancing current practices in teaching pedagogy courses and in designing interventions necessary for curriculum improvement.

Keywords: hermeneutic phenomenological analysis; lived experience; DLSL education graduates; pedagogy, interventions



*Corresponding Author