Attitude influence on performance in technical skill acquisition among formal technical trainees

2014 IJRSE – Volume 3 Issue 5


Azodo, Adinife Patrick*
Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria (


This cross-sectional study analyzed attitude influence on performance in technical skill involved in a specific trade chosen among all the formal technical trainees of Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTI), Onitsha, Nigeria. This study was carried out between May and July, 2013. The 24-item questionnaire, designed after critical examination and revision of some related studies and a combination of individual technical projects, sequence of job operation prepared by the students and written tests which cumulatively made up the school academic performance record in technical work were used to assess students’ attitude and performance respectively. Analysis of the data showed that majority of the students has positive attitudes towards technical skill involved in technical education. There are also positive relationships between students’ attitude in technical skill acquisition and their performance. This was evident from the overall attitude and performance mean scores of 4.33 and 69.84 representing 86.67% and 69.84% respectively. Pearson correlation coefficient (r) of relationship between attitude and performance in technical skill involved in technical education gave an ‘r’ value of 0.366 which was a positive correlation. However, the good performance and knowledge of the usefulness of technical skills in life did not stimulate the students to continue their careers in a related technical profession. This demands serious attention.

Keywords: technical; skill; attitude; performance; students



*Corresponding Author