Students’ educational level and their goal choices, self-efficacy, motivation, and writing performance

2014 IJRSE – Volume 3 Issue 2


Hosseini Fatemi, Azar
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran (

Vahidnia, Fatemeh*
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran (


This study sought to survey the potential effect of Iranian EFL learners’ educational level on their motivation, self-efficacy, choice of goals, and writing achievement. To conduct such a research, a group of 93 university students (MA = 38, BA = 55) took part. The study was implemented in two levels. At level one, students’ goal choice was surveyed by presenting them three levels (A, B, and C) as their goals for writing in which they had the choice to select one of these levels as their choice and model. The second level was based on three questionnaires gathered from the same students prior to writing examination. The findings of the study revealed that MA learners exhibited higher level of English and General self-efficacy and motivation. In addition, MAs surpassed BAs in writing scores and selected the most challenging goal as compared to BAs who preferred to pick the easy goal.

Keywords: writing performance; self-efficacy; goal choice; motivation; EFL learners



*Corresponding Author