College students’ experiences of and coping with loneliness: Possibilities of peer support

2013 IJRSE – Volume 2 Issue 4


Vaarala, Marja
University of Lapland, Finland (

Uusiautti, Satu*
University of Lapland, Finland (

Määttä, Kaarina
University of Lapland, Finland (


This study focused on the perceived loneliness of college students, and more specifically on the factors related to the emergence of the feeling of loneliness and ways of coping with loneliness. The research data were obtained from an internet forum functioning as a support network for children and adolescent called “Loneliness internet group”. Anonymous messages (N=276) from summer and fall 2011 were selected as the data. Analysis was qualitative content analysis. The findings revealed the dimensions of college students’ perceived loneliness and their coping methods. Also, the importance of the internet-based peer support was discussed.

Keywords: loneliness; adolescence; young adults; college students; coping; self-regulation



*Corresponding Author