Perfectionism and career decidedness of Filipino college students

2013 IJRSE – Volume 2 Issue 4


Datu, Jesus Alfonso D.*
Counseling and Educational Psychology Department, De La Salle University-Manila / Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Manila (


The short report investigates the impact of perfectionistic tendencies on career decidedness. One hundred seventy two Filipino college students (N=172) served as respondents of the inquiry. Findings revealed that organization positively correlates to occupational knowledge and training while parental expectations positively correlate to decidedness. Parental expectations served as the robust predictor of decidedness.      Students with low perfectionism scored higher on decidedness and comfort. On the other hand, those with high levels of perfectionism experienced greater self-clarity, occupational knowledge and training, decisiveness, and career choice importance. From these results, the positive and negative contributions of perfectionism on the process making career decisions are illustrated. Implications of the findings are elaborated.

Keywords: career decidedness; Filipino college students; parental expectations; occupational knowledge and training; perfectionism



*Corresponding Author