Cognitive-behavior intervention group counseling manual for reducing adolescents’ career indecision

2013 IJRSE – Volume 2 Issue 2


Datu, Jesus Alfonso*
De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines (


The current manual is purported to provide an empirical guide in facilitating a group intervention that will address career indecision among adolescents. It utilized Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy as the major framework of the treatment protocol. Prior to the group facilitation, prospective members will be screened through an interview and Career Decision Profile. It consists of six sessions (one and a half hour every session) which will be executed on a weekly basis. With the intention of modifying negative beliefs that the members hold about themselves in relation to career decision-making, specific activities and processing procedures were charted each session that ranged from individual cognitive exercises to dyadic behavioral role-plays. Each session will be monitored by the group counselor via group case notes to properly document therapeutic encounters which is essential in achieving the intended outcomes. At the end of the group intervention, members will be assessed through group feedback and administering of Career Decision Profile to look at the positive changes on their levels of capabilities to make career decisions.

Keywords: adolescents; career indecision; Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; group manual; therapeutic factors



*Corresponding Author