An application of data encryption technique using random number generator

2012 IJRSC – Volume 1 Issue 1

Available Online: 11 February 2012


Verma, Sharad Kumar*
Mewar University, Rajasthan, India (

Ojha, D. B.
Mewar Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad, UP, India (


Coding theory is one of the most important and direct applications of information theory. Using a statistical description for data, information theory quantifies the number of bits needed to describe the data, which is the information entropy of the source. Information theoretic concepts apply to cryptography and cryptanalysis. Cryptography is the study of sending and receiving secret messages. With the widespread use of information technologies and the rise of digital computer networks in many areas of the world, securing the exchange of information has become a crucial task. In the present paper an innovative technique for data encryption is proposed based on the random sequence generation. The new algorithm provides data encryption at two levels and hence security against crypto analysis is achieved at relatively low computational overhead.

Keywords: coding theory; cryptography; cryptanalysis; encryption; entropy



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Verma, S. K., & Ojha, D. B. (2012). An application of data encryption technique using random number generator. International Journal of Research Studies in Computing, 1(1), 35-42.

*Corresponding Author