The main challenges and issues of big data management

2013 IJRSC – Volume 2 Issue 1

Available Online: 11 September 2012


Almeida, Fernando*
Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal (

Calistru, Catalin
Innovation and Development Centre, ISPGaya, Portugal (


Big data is a disruptive force that will affect organizations across industries, sectors and economies. Through better analysis of the large volume of data that are becoming available, there is the potential for making faster advances in many scientific domains and improving the profitability of many enterprises. This paper examines the main challenges and issues that will have to be addressed to capture the full potential of big data. Additionally, we propose some initiatives and good practices that will help companies in the transition process for the big data analysis.

Keywords: big data; data management; data analysis; management policies; business intelligence; data warehousing



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Almeida, F., & Calistru, C. (2013). The main challenges and issues of big data management. International Journal of Research Studies in Computing, 2(1), 11-20.

*Corresponding Author