Overcoming nursing care challenges in a multicultural clientele for health

International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology
CollabWritive Special Issue
2023 Volume 9 Issue 2

Available Online: 31 December 2023


Delos Reyes, Glesie Robles
Graduate School, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas, Philippines


This phenomenological qualitative nursing research investigates how nurses overcome challenges in providing care to a multicultural clientele. The study involves professional nurses from diverse backgrounds, exploring their perceptions of challenges, psychological effects, and adaptation to changes in a multicultural hospital setting. Participants encompass Filipinos, Indians, Saudis, Egyptians, Syrians, Sudanese, Cubans, Malaysians, and Indonesians, ensuring comprehensive representation. Challenges in multicultural care highlight the crucial role of cultural knowledge during the assessment process. However, the Nursing Process remains universally applicable, transcending cultural differences and prevailing regardless of the nurses’ or patients’ races. Overcoming cognitive challenges in understanding multicultural patients is emphasized for effective treatment, stressing the necessity of competence in multicultural nursing. Managing patients involves cultural negotiations and compromise, recognizing the importance of cautious negotiation respecting diverse cultures and beliefs. In a multicultural setting, diverse cultures coexist to achieve mutual health goals, with healthcare professionals collaborating to care for patients from various backgrounds. Recommended improvements include Multicultural Policy Development, promoting workplace equity, eliminating discrimination, and fostering innovative exchanges. Cultural competence is crucial for effective communication, fostering active dialogues between patients and providers for positive outcomes. The establishment of a flexible and inclusive workforce enhances overall team performance. This research contributes valuable insights into overcoming challenges in multicultural nursing, promoting cultural competence, and fostering positive patient outcomes in diverse healthcare settings.

Keywords: challenges, health, multicultural, clientele, nursing care


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsp.2023.2010

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Delos Reyes, G. R. (2023). Overcoming nursing care challenges in a multicultural clientele for health. International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology, 9(2), 15-27. https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsp.2023.2010