Challenges encountered by nurses in COVID-19 vaccination program

International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology
CollabWritive Special Issue
2023 Volume 9 Issue 1

Available Online: 31 December 2023


Resuello, Lucia Mendoza
Graduate School, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas, Philippines


This study investigates challenges faced by healthcare workers, specifically nurses, in executing duties related to the COVID-19 Immunization/Vaccination campaign in Batangas City. Using a mixed-methods approach, 86 qualified nurses from various healthcare facilities participated in a survey comprising both quantitative and qualitative questions. Initial reactions to the COVID-19 Vaccination Program ranged from pride and commitment to fear and hesitancy. The top five challenges identified were patient reluctance and diverse behaviors, fear of contracting and spreading the virus to family and others, inadequate information dissemination, staffing shortages leading to overwhelm, and abrupt assignment changes. Effective mitigating measures included staying informed through training and community education, maintaining faith and dedication to duty, garnering support from family, superiors, and colleagues, and consistently adhering to safety protocols. Motivations for participating in the vaccination campaign included upholding their nursing oath, receiving additional benefits and incentives, having sufficient staffing levels, appreciations from superiors and the community, and clear directions from authorized personnel. Despite facing risks, the study highlights that nurses in Batangas City demonstrated professionalism in fulfilling their nursing oath during the pandemic. The paper emphasizes the importance of protecting nurses from moral distress and burnout, advocating for support systems to mitigate psychological distress, injury, and exhaustion during pandemic situations.

Keywords: challenges, COVID 19, vaccination program, healthcare workers, pandemic



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Resuello, L. M. (2023). Challenges encountered by nurses in COVID-19 vaccination program. International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology, 9(1), 115-125.