Health protocol adherence to emerging and re-emerging diseases: Basis for community engagement

International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology
CollabWritive Special Issue
2023 Volume 9 Issue 1

Available Online: 31 December 2023


Mendoza, Marilette
Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas, Philippines (


Compliance with health protocols is crucial in managing and preventing the spread of emerging and re-emerging diseases, which present a significant risk to public health. This study aimed to assess Adherence to Health Protocols on Emerging and Re-Emerging Diseases: Basis for Community Engagement. Specifically, to investigate the health protocols implemented within the community, the level of adherence to these protocols (including mask-wearing, social distancing, isolation, vaccination, self-monitoring, and reporting of cases), the factors that influence adherence, and the effectiveness of community health protocols in order to develop a strategic approach for fostering community engagement in the prevention and control of emerging and re-emerging diseases. This study employed a mixed-method approach involving residents from Municipality of San Luis, Taal, and Lemery as respondents and Barangay Health Workers as interviewees. The findings revealed adherence to health protocols was positively associated with community engagement. Communities that were more involved in planning and implementation had higher rates of adherence and better disease control outcomes.  Moreover, factors such as communication strategies, trust in healthcare providers, and access to healthcare services influenced health protocol adherence. Taking into the account of these findings, suggestions were formulated, including enhancing communication tactics, nurturing trust, and broadening the availability of healthcare services. It also highlights the significance of community participation in promoting adherence to health protocols for emerging and re-emerging diseases. These findings have practical implications for public health practitioners and policymakers as they work towards devising efficacious strategies for preventing and controlling the transmission of the disease.

Keywords: emerging diseases, community engagement, social distancing, social isolation, vaccination



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Mendoza, M. (2023). Health protocol adherence to emerging and re-emerging diseases: Basis for community engagement. International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology, 9(1), 71-88.