cpm.4.CSE/IRT N=small: A companion to cpm.4.CSE/IRT for N = small

 2019 IJRSP – Volume 8 Issue 2


Zendler, Andreas*
University of Education Ludwigsburg, Germany (zendler@ph-lzudwigsburg.de)


cpm.4.CSE/IRTN=small (compact process model for Competence Science Education based on IRT for small samples) is a process model for competence measurement based on IRT models that is optimized for small sample sizes. cpm.4.CSE/IRT/N=small is a supplementary to cpm.4.CSE/IRT and consists of the four sub processes B1 determine items, B2 test items, B3N=small analyze items according to Rasch model, and B4 interpret items by criteria. It is also modeled in IDEF0 and implemented in R. The difference between cpm.4.CSE/IRT and cpm.4.CSE/IRTN=small is that the processes of B3N=small are rearranged, and sub process b3.1 test model assumptions statistically by non-parametric tests replaces B3.3 test model assumptions statistically. With cpm.4.CSE/IRTN=small it is possible to develop measuring instruments for computer science education even with small samples (N = small).

Keywords: computer science education; educational process model; item response theory; IRT model; competence-based education; small samples


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsp.2019.4018

*Corresponding Author