Hope, resilience level, and creativity among job-seekers under a work-based welfare program in Australia

 2019 IJRSP – Volume 8 Issue 2


Tolentino, Marvin*
Central Luzon State University, Philippines (tolentinomarvin@gmail.com)

Maliwat, Eric
Febias College of Bible; Sydney Institute – TAFE, New South Wales (ecmaliwat@yahoo.com)

Dullas, Angelo
Central Luzon State University, Philippines (dullas.angelo@yahoo.com)


This study aimed to determine the levels of hope and resilience among adult job-seekers in Australia who are currently under the government’s work-based welfare program. The researchers also aimed to determine the differences on the level of hope and resilience between creative and non-creative job-seekers, as well as between job-seekers who have Australian and non-Australian origins. The study included job-seekers with Australian, Asian, South American, African and Pacific-Island origins. Forty-nine respondents, aged 22 to 64, were purposively sampled to answer survey questionnaires. To measure self-perceive creativity, the researchers used a single-item self-assessed creativity questionnaire. The Adult Hope Scale (AHS) by Snyder et al. (1991) and Connor Davidson Resilience Scale (CD RISC 10) were used to measure the respondents’ hope and resilience, respectively. Results show that he mean total of the respondents’ AHS scores is 46.65 (with SD of 11.1) which falls on the above the average description. Meanwhile, the mean total of the respondents’ CD RISC 10 scores is 35.22 (with standard deviation of 8.3) which falls on the 3rd quartile and is considered above average. Significant statistical difference on the level of resilience was observed between creative and non-creative respondents, t(47)=2.473, p=.017. Significant statistical differences were also observed on both levels of hope (t=-3.22, p=.002) and resilience (t=-2.80, p=.007) between respondents with Australian and non-Australian origins. These findings open up interesting inquiry whether one’s creativity, country of origin or cultural background have a role on developing or demonstrating hope and resilience, especially to migrants workers.

Keywords: hope; resilience; creativity; Australian job-seekers


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsp.2019.4008

*Corresponding Author