The use of resilience-based group intervention program for victims of bullying

2018 IJRSP – Volume 7 Issue 2


Tolentino, Marvin*
Central Luzon State University, Philippines (

Suba, Elizabeth
Central Luzon State University, Philippines (


This paper investigated the level of resilience of seventy-two (72) public Grade-7 and Grade-8 students in Sto. Domingo, Nueva Ecija who were victimized by bullying and tested the usefulness of the Resilience-based Group Intervention (RBGI) for fifteen (15) purposively selected participants. The study also looked on the bullying victimization experiences of the respondents using multiple checklist survey forms. It also documented the result of focused group discussions and activities during the 8-session intervention which centered on enhancing the participants’ capacity to sustain supportive parent-child relationship, developing adaptive thoughts and providing positive peer activities. Finally, the differences on the level of resilience before and after the conduct of RBGI were measured using the 10-item Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC 10). The results of the study showed that the most common bullying victimization experience of the participants was in the form of verbal bullying. The RBGI, which used millennial techniques during reflective exercises and creative narratives activities, was able to build proper rapport among the group, captured their own concept of resilience, process their past experiences on bullying victimization, stirred discussions about parent-child relationship, and enhanced their adaptive thinking skills. The participants were also able to develop simple behavioral plan in case of future adversity. The paper concluded that group approach in building resilience among youth victimized by bullying was a doable and viable school intervention. Therefore, the researcher encouraged guidance professionals to employ and integrate the RBGI program to homeroom guidance, values education classes, as well as in community and youth activities.

Keywords: resilience; group intervention; bullying; Filipino; youth



*Corresponding Author