Organizational support, job satisfaction, and performance in Chinese universities

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
2024 Volume 12 Issue 4

Available Online: 31 May 2024


Yang, Lin
Graduate School, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas, Philippines


Understanding the interaction between organizational support, job satisfaction, and Job performance among university professors is crucial for fostering an environment conducive to teacher development and overall academic excellence. These three factors are interrelated and may form a positive feedback loop. At present, there is a scarcity of research focusing on the concurrent investigation of these three factors. This study employed descriptive research to determine the organizational support, job satisfaction, and job performance in Chinese universities. A total of 561 participants from three universities in China were involved in this research. Results showed that there is almost an equal number of male and female respondents, aged 35-44 years old, master’s degree holders and 10-19 years in service. The respondents received high organizational support in their respective universities giving more importance to partnership and linkages. They agreed also on all the indicators under job satisfaction giving high regard for income and job security and advancement and professional growth. In terms of the Job performance, the respondents unanimously agreed on all the indicators giving high regard to management skills. A significant difference of responses on organizational support was found when grouped according to sex (instructional supervision) and educational attainment (curriculum management and assessment of learning); job satisfaction when grouped according to age (working condition and school culture) and lastly, job performance according to years in service (teaching skills and discipline and regularity). Also, there exists a highly significant relationship among the three variables. This implies that when universities provide strong organizational support, it’s very likely that professors will experience higher job satisfaction, which in turn leads to improved job performance. Hence, an enhanced faculty development program for Chinese university professors was proposed. This study further recommends a multi-pronged approach such as strengthening institutional support, promoting collegiality and collaboration, and investing in professional well-being to cultivate a strong, supportive and positive work environment for Chinese university professors, ultimately leading to better academic outcomes.

Keywords: university professors, organizational support, job satisfaction, job performance



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Yang, L. (2024). Organizational support, job satisfaction, and performance in Chinese universities. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 12(4), 103-118.