Challenges faced by hog raisers in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
2023 Volume 11 Issue 12

Available Online: 31 December 2023


Limos-Galay, Jenny A.*
Divine Word College of San Jose, Philippines (

Guansing-de Dios, Josephine
Divine Word College of San Jose, Philippines (

Baguinon, Princess Marjorie P.
Divine Word College of San Jose, Philippines (


The purpose of this research includes identifying and understanding the various challenges faced by hog raisers in San Jose Occidental Mindoro and exploring potential solutions to improve their productivity and profitability using thematic analysis. The researchers employed interview questions with the five medium-scale entrepreneurs involved in commercial and backyard pig farming, residing in San Jose, who were the primary participants of this study as a means to carry out qualitative research. Based on the interview results, the five significant challenges faced by respondents are the pig’s health and disease, poor marketing system, lack of capital, environmental concerns, and economic challenges. Furthermore, to overcome these problems, the hog raisers typically devise various coping strategies such as maintaining pig health and preventing diseases, finding alternative marketing channels, seeking additional capital, mitigating environmental concerns, and diversification strategies. Thus, to deal with the economic difficulties, the respondents employed various diversification strategies, such as utilizing alternate feeds, particularly the madre de agua plant, to reduce production costs; and producing tocino and longganisa to differentiate their product offerings. In addition, by addressing these five challenges identified, stakeholders within the hog-raising industry can work towards developing strategies that enhance marketing systems, promote sustainable practices, improve economic viability, and prioritize pig health management. Therefore, this study recommends implementing effective disease prevention measures, veterinary support systems, and proper biosecurity protocols to ensure the overall well-being of pigs and mitigate potential outbreaks promoting eco-friendly practices, and adhering to relevant regulations can contribute to minimizing the environmental impact of hog raising.

Keywords: challenges, coping strategies, hog raisers, Occidental Mindoro, interview



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Limos-Galay, J. A., Guansing-de Dios, J., & Baguinon, P. M. P. (2023). Challenges faced by hog raisers in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 11(12), 57-64.

* Corresponding Author