Work passion, leadership empowerment and employees’ creative performance management framework for improved employee performance

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
CollabWritive Special Issue
2023 Volume 11 Issue 7

Available Online: 25 August 2023


Sun, Yanrong
Graduate School, Lyceum of the Philippines University – Batangas, Philippines


In today’s changing times, the ability to innovate is the key to adapting to the environment and gaining a competitive advantage Source, the creativity of employees is the basis of the organization’s ability to innovate. It is found that creative performance is the result of multiple interactions between the three subsystems of motivation, cognition and emotion, and work passion is a complex concept that contains various components such as emotion, motivation, and cognition, and exploring the relationship between work passion and creative performance may achieve results beyond the research of one’s own motivation and emotional variables. Studies have confirmed that leaders are an important factor influencing employees’ innovative behavior, and the leader’s leadership style plays a vital role in the process of enterprise innovation, so studying the mechanism of leadership empowerment on employees’ innovative behavior has important theoretical and practical value. As an important supplement to national higher education, private universities have their unique significance and status, but compared with public universities, the current general recognition of private universities is still relatively low, and due to different funding sources, the development of private universities has more difficulties, how to improve the work passion of private college teachers, improve the leadership empowerment in the management process, and promote them to create better work performance, it is worth exploring. In order to achieve this goal, this study combines literature research, empirical research methods and SPSS analysis to conduct theoretical research and empirical testing. Through the survey of 370 employees of private universities in Anhui Province, the relationship and influence mechanism of work passion, leadership empowerment and creative performance were revealed based on data analysis, and a management framework for effectively improving employees’ creative performance was constructed.

Keywords: work passion, leadership empowerment, creative performance management framework



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Sun, Y. (2023). Work passion, leadership empowerment and employees’ creative performance management framework for improved employee performance. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 11(7), 121-131.