Automatic dispensing mosquito repellant machine with motion detector (Arduino)

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
Divine Word College of San Jose Special Issue
2023 Volume 11 Issue 3

Available Online: 9 June 2023


Roca, Joey C., II*
Divine Word College of San Jose, Philippines (

Magallanes, Angel M.
Ventura, John Carlo M.
Rodriguez, Shaira T.
Ramirez, Bea S.
Prado, Had Russel G.
Bautista, Josephine N.
Limos-Galay, Jenny A.


Globally, dengue fever is becoming a more serious health issue. Since it is prevalent in the community, prevention is still an important method to remain safe. This study aids in keeping people safe from mosquito-borne illnesses like dengue and malaria by developing an efficient product that prevents toxic substances of mosquito repellants from being directly inhaled by the users. The researchers developed an Automatic Dispensing Mosquito Repellant Machine, that is powered by Arduino and performs automated functions with the use of a PIR sensor. Each component has its specific functions: the PIR sensor senses the motion of an individual or people inside a closed room; the servo motor puts pressure on the head of the mosquito repellant every ten minutes after sensing that there is no motion detected. The machine then sprays mosquito repellant within proximity at a given time interval. In instances that there is motion, the machine will refrain from spraying and indicate that No Motion was detected. The indication of sensing motion is when the red LED lights up and turns green if no motion is detected. This applied experimental research introduced the uses, advantages, and features of Automatic Dispensing Mosquito Repellant machines using motion detection sensors. It tested the efficiency and effectiveness of automatic dispensing rather than manually spraying the repellants. This study introduced a safer experience with repellants and solved people’s fear of the toxic substances that could kill mosquitoes but damage human health.

Keywords: Dengue, mosquito repellant, automatic dispensing, motion, machine



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Roca, J. C., II, Magallanes, A. M., Ventura, J. C. M., Rodriguez, S. T., Ramirez, B. S., Prado, H. R. G., Bautista, J. N., & Limos-Galay, J. A. (2023). Automatic dispensing mosquito repellant machine with motion detector (Arduino). International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 11(3), 63-74.

* Corresponding Author