An infrared thermometer using PIR motion and Tmp36 temperature sensor

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
Divine Word College of San Jose Special Issue
2023 Volume 11 Issue 3

Available Online: 9 June 2023


Tamares, Sabina Rasheed T.*
Divine Word College of San Jose, Philippines (

Barretto, Ma. Sophia Nicole E.
Egina, Kyrah Christine M.
Esposo, Angelica B.
Nicolas, Ross Ison A.
Pablo, Claudette Maria Victoria R.
Bautista, Josephine N.
Limos-Galay, Jenny A.


The novelty of the COVID-19 virus and the need for adequate knowledge on how to prevent and control it have made it challenging to prevent the disease. The aim of this applied experimental research is to create a more efficient and convenient thermometer that can be used to measure body temperatures. The Infrared Thermometer Using TMP36 Temperature and PIR Motion Sensor is a product made and experimented with by researchers. This product aids in detecting motion and determining one’s estimated temperature whether they do possess fever or they do not. This research intended to determine also the efficiency and convenience of the Infrared Thermometer using TMP36 Temperature. It is executed first by constructing the product using TMP36 Temperature Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, jumper wires, LCD (16×2), LED Lights, Piezo Buzzer, and Breadboard. A manually made program, with the help of first and second-hand information, was encoded and analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistical tools. After testing the product with voluntary respondents, the findings show that it can detect an individual’s motion and display their temperature using the LCD (16×2). LED lights are also used to determine whether you have a normal temperature and respondents were able to witness it. The product worked well with the experimentation and it was observed to be functioning well. This study shows that there is effectiveness in creating an Infrared Thermometer using PIR Motion and TMP36 temperature sensor. Thus, it is recommended that certain codes and materials must be modified to produce a more precise and effective result.

Keywords: TMP36 temperature sensor, PIR motion sensor, infrared thermometer, effectiveness, applied experimental research



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Tamares, S. R. T., Barretto, M. S. N. E., Egina, K. C. M., Esposo, A. B., Nicolas, R. I. A., Pablo, C. M. V. R., Bautista, J. N., & Limos-Galay, J. A. (2023). An infrared thermometer using PIR motion and Tmp36 temperature sensor. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 11(3), 21-30.

* Corresponding Author