Framework of guest focused among resorts in Cagayan Valley Region, Philippines

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
Special Fall Issue of Tourism Educators and Movers of the Philippines
2021 Volume 9 Issue 3

Available Online: 1 October 2021


Mones, Jehoana
Isabela State University – Cauayan, Philippines (

Borbon, Noelah Mae D.*
Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas, Philippines (


This study aims to proposed a framework of guest focused among resorts in Cagayan Valley Region, how does the new operation most likely be change or upgrade for new normal operations in the region, amidst the abrupt change of economy, to analyze the operating procedure for a new normal in the hospitality industry. The nature of the tourism industry such as resort, allows business to operate in to remote areas. Economically, tourism provides employment and wages that help to decrease unemployment and increase the circulation of money through the community. Thus, tourism specifically investing a resort means money for capital investment and local tax revenues. Tourist for example take with them their own peculiar tastes and standard of living, to which the investor must cater if expects, repeated business. In developing countries, the need to accommodate these special requirements often results the need for imported capital, imported technology or even imported management skills. Thus, some investors, as an opportunity, seek for incentives in local projects such as team building facilities designed to serve inbound visitor. Once built, the facilities become indispensable as economic asset. Quantitative method is the type of research in the study, participants of the data gathered was the customer, the owner and the LGU of Region. The quality of the service serves within the region on how to cope up in the new normal comparison of services before during and new normal due to pandemic. Sudden changes in hospitality decline the economic grow worldwide, thus in whatever circumstances a future plan was ahead of time, a lesson to learned that nobody knows it will happen, the researcher would like to recommend the region in partnership with LGU to work together to start fresh to encourage customers the safes way in general.

Keywords: consumer buying behavior, loyalty, service quality, resort



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Mones, J., & Borbon, N. M. D. (2021). Framework of guest focused among resorts in Cagayan Valley Region, Philippines. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 9(3), 81-89.

*Corresponding Author