Effects of the visual pollution in Intramuros: Basis for heritage preservation

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
Special Fall Issue of Tourism Educators and Movers of the Philippines
2021 Volume 9 Issue 4

Available Online: 8 October 2021


Marcelo, Jefferson*
Taguig City University, Philippines (jeffersonmarcelo119@gmail.com)

Parco, Eunice G.
Taguig City University, Philippines (euniceparco@gmail.com)

Coniendo, Creslie Kim S.
Taguig City University, Philippines (cresliekimconiendo17@gmail.com)

Gomez, Ma Luisa
Taguig City University, Philippines (maluisagomez13@gmail.com)

Amutan, Shirley Y.
Taguig City University, Philippines (shiesymon@gmail.com)


Heritage sites are arguably the physical component of a city’s identity. The lived-in architecture, the strategic locations and the uses of these buildings reveal unique stories telling of how our city came to be and can offer predictions of where it might be going. One of the hindrances of preserving, an architectural heritage is a modernization of the place, or most likely is the visual pollution. Visual pollution does not only destroy heritage attractions but it also affects human’s state of calmness from these views which supposed to calm and relaxes the mind like how nature does. This research focuses on the “Effects of Visual Pollution in Intramuros: Basis for Heritage Preservation”. Its objective is to preserve the architectural heritage of our country particularly in walled city or the Intramuros by specifically analyzing the effects of visual pollution. The researchers also believed that this study could contribute on how to preserve these heritage sites, and keep Intramuros as one of the 12 worldwide sites according to the GHF or Global Heritage Fund. This study employed the descriptive method of research to determine the effects of visual pollution in Intramuros and the findings were used as basis for heritage preservation. The researchers sampling techniques was non-probability, where they took a part of a whole. In relation to this, non-probability will be used as the sampling technique for this research study. Conclusion and recommendation have been formulated for the study particularly in the implementation of projects and activities of the Intramuros Administration supported by the Department of Tourism.

Keywords: heritage, preservation, visual pollution, sustainability, Intramuros, partnership


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsm.2021.m7727

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Marcelo, J., Parco, E. G., Coniendo, C. K. S., Gomez, M. L., & Amutan, S. Y. (2021). Effects of the visual pollution in Intramuros: Basis for heritage preservation. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 9(4), 33-42. https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsm.2021.m7727

*Corresponding Author