Tourists’ motives, expectation and experience to historical sites in Hunan province

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
Special Fall Issue of Tourism Educators and Movers of the Philippines
2021 Volume 9 Issue 3

Available Online: 1 October 2021


Li, Ce
Huaihua University, China (

Borbon, Noelah Mae D.*
Lyceum of the Philippines University Batangas, Philippines (


Heritage tourism is considered as a rapidly growing sector of tourism making up a very important component of tourism for many regions. In recent years, Hunan has attached great importance to the development of tourism. The area is a region inhabited by ethnic minorities and rich in ecological resources, and is also a famous tourist destination in China. It is quite important to understand tourists’ motives, expectation and experience that influence the performance of the historical sites, and for a better management of the site in accordance with the desires and expectations of visitors. This study aims to assess the Tourists’ Motives, Expectation and Experience to Historical Sites in Hunan Province. The researcher in this study used the descriptive survey research method. The finding reveals that There was a significant relationship exists and implies that the better the experience, the higher the level of motives, the higher the expectation and the higher the level of experience. It was recommended for the Chinese Government may consider restructuring the historical sites making it to have modern and visual appeal on built environment without losing its value and to boost Enjoyment in Historical sites, there can be recreational activities facilitated by the tour guides.

Keywords: motives, expectations, experience, heritage tourism, Hunan Province



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Li, C., & Borbon, N. M. D. (2021). Tourists’ motives, expectation and experience to historical sites in Hunan province. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 9(3), 15-24.

*Corresponding Author