Demographics as determinants for predicting quality of life among senior citizens in the Philippines

International Journal of Research Studies in Management
2021 Volume 9 Issue 2

Available Online: 28 September 2021


Palmes, Madonna S.
College of Nursing, West Visayas State University, Iloilo City, Philippines (

Trajera, Sheilla M.
Center for Linkages and International Affairs, BSN, MN, and PhD Programs in Nursing,
University of St. La Salle, Bacolod City, Philippines (

Ching, Gregory S.*
Graduate Institute of Educational Leadership and Development,
Research and Development Center for Physical Education Health and Information Technology, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan (;


Socioeconomic status and education of an individual are said to be highly-related to future quality of life. Within the Philippines, the 2018 statistics have reported that the number of families living below the poverty line is around 11.90%. Although this figure is already a large improvement from the 2015 census of 18.40%. However, due to COVID-19, the situation today might be altogether different. A total of 392 volunteer senior citizen participated in the study, wherein demographics such as: age, gender, marital status, average monthly income, educational attainment, and health status are collected. In addition, senior citizens’ resilience, coping strategies, and quality of life are also collected. Data analysis involved Chi-square test for independence, correlational analysis, and linear regression. Findings showed that resilience, coping strategies, social participation, and quality of life are not related to gender and marital status, while average monthly income and educational attainment are related to resilience and cognitive coping strategies. Regression results showed that resilience and social participation both successfully predicted the quality of life for the current group of senior citizens.

Keywords: quality of life, senior citizens, Philippines, survey method, group differences



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Palmes, M. S., Trajera, S. M., & Ching, G. S. (2021). Demographics as determinants for predicting quality of life among senior citizens in the Philippines. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 9(2), 95-106.

*Corresponding Author