Complexity of catering business operations and its impact on food safety

2021 IJRSM Volume 9 Issue 1
Tourism Educators and Movers of the Philippines Special Issue

Available Online: 19 January 2021


Castro, Dixie*
Occidental Mindoro State College, Philippines (


The increasing complexity in catering industry today requires more innovative approaches and standard practices to better prioritize and allow for rapid integration of new specific developments. Preventing food safety barriers should be every caterer’s top priority as it can ruin a catering business since food safety is the ultimate component for sustainable development. The study aimed to assess the off-premises business operation in Occidental Mindoro. This study used a descriptive quantitative method through survey questionnaire. A total of 210 off-premises catering employees from licensed and non-licensed catering business holding supervisory and non-supervisory level were recruited to participate the study which they actually work in all of the positions including management, food preparation and food service areas. It was revealed that the off-premises catering business operations in Occidental can face various risks because of non-compliance to food safety certification assessed by the certified auditor. The employees of off-premises catering between licensed and non-licensed business operation demonstrated consistent knowledge on food safety such as health and hygiene requirement, maintenance and pest management but failed to follow from required standards in off-site operations. The evaluation of food safety practices among different caterers determined the specific safety programs and interventions they could applied in their own catering business operation. The researcher proposed series of recommendations: To improve food safety practices, local authorities need to have an annual audit of the practices and require extensive certification requirements. The management of off-premises catering business operation may focus their efforts and commitment on food safety and recruitment process to ensure employees who have a strong work ethics.

Keywords: catering business; food safety; management operations; personal practices



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Castro, D. (2021). Complexity of catering business operations and its impact on food safety. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 9(1), 55-66.

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