Work-life balance among seafarers of international cruises

2021 IJRSM Volume 9 Issue 1
Tourism Educators and Movers of the Philippines Special Issue

Available Online: 18 January 2021


Evangelista, Senando*
Pangasinan State University, Philippines (


This paper assessed the work-life balance of seafarers in the International Cruises. It presented the demographic profile of seafarers; their work-life in terms of emotion, behavior, demand, as well as their work-life conflict, family management, work-life control, work-life initiatives; the significant difference when grouped according to the profile variables; and most importantly it proposed reinforcement mechanisms for quality of work-life based on the result of the study. The study used descriptive method of research, adapted questionnaire, and various statistical tools. The researcher presented the result and come up with conclusions that majority of the respondents were aged 31 to 40 years old, female, single, college graduate and worked for about 1 to 10 years. Based on the result on the degree of work-life balance of onboard seafarers gave so much emphasis on how the company respect their work-life balance and its personal demands; good salary and benefits; satisfaction on the number of working hours; high demand from family which interfere their work; sending their children’s care or school; balance between work and family; and company initiatives for employees’ family care benefits. For the recommendations: the cruise ship company may provide some provisions on benefits extending to the immediate family or parents of the crew members; will be more lenient to hire the crew member with light health issues and give special attention on the workload and fatigue issues of the crew members.

Keywords: work-life balance; seafarers; international cruises; work-life conflict; family management



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Evangelista, S.  (2021). Work-life balance among seafarers of international cruises. International Journal of Research Studies in Management, 9(1), 33-46.

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