Readability, communication and terms of use of software packages

2019 IJRSM – Volume 8 Issue 1


Gyasi, William Kodom*
University of Cape Coast, Ghana (

Bangmarigu, Jonah Manasseh
University of Cape Coast, Ghana (


Terms of Use, which is sometimes called Terms and Conditions (T&C), are frequently unread as a result of their complexity and length. In the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) domain, it is also referred to as End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) which acts as a disclaimer between the manufacturer and the end user in the event of any malfunction. Readability formulae were used to objectively measure the comprehensibility of a document in terms of how it effectively achieves its intended purpose. End users rarely read or fully understand what they are agreeing to because of the urgency with which the software is needed. Hence, the need to evaluate the readability of terms of use of software packages to benefit both the Terms of Use of Software Packages to benefit both the end user and programmers.

Keywords: terms and conditions; End User Licensing Agreement (EULA); readability; comprehensibility; software packages



*Corresponding Author