The effect of physical distribution service quality on customer perceived value in Omni-channel

2019 IJRSM – Volume 8 Issue 1


Nguyen, Thi Dy Anh*
Department of Commerce & Business Administration, Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam (


Physical distribution service quality plays a key role in supply chain management. A successful distribution system will bring high values and profit for company. Through physical distribution service activities, a company can bring good perceived values to customers. Especially, with the development of modern channels, customers have more choices in the buying process. Omni-channel is a modern type of distribution which is used by many companies to access customers more effectively. This research is about the effects of physical distribution service on customer perceived values using Omni-channel. Questionnaires were issued to 200 customers who have experiences in using an Omni-channel to buy products. The results show how customers perceive about physical distribution service quality of companies applied Omni-channel in their supply chain.

Keywords: Physical Distribution Service Quality (PDSQ); physical distribution; supply chain management; Customer Perceived Value (CPV); Omni-channel



*Corresponding Author