Product authenticity and product attachment in tourism shopping context: Exploring the antecedents of intention to choose silver craft products

2019 IJRSM – Volume 8 Issue 1


Ratna, Roostika*
Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia (

Hidayat, Anas
Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia (

Muhajir, Muhammad
Universitas Islam Indonesia, Indonesia (


Shopping is one of important activities in tourism industry. The purpose of this research is to analyze the importance of product authenticity and product attachment on non-branded local iconic product. The influence of product authenticity and attachment were further examined on their impact to intention to choose silver crafts product. Quantitative approach and survey method were chosen to achieve the research objective. The proposed conceptual framework was tested on 225 adult respondents who have purchased silver crafts from Kotagede Yogyakarta. Empirical data were tested using PLS-SEM technique. By focusing on consumers’ intention to choose iconic local product (silver crafts), this study demonstrates that product authenticity and product attachment have positive impacts on intention to choose. Product attachment also mediates the product authenticity and intention to choose. The contribution of this study is the research on product authenticity and attachment is tested on non-branded products particularly iconic product of a region. Product authenticity and attachment are commonly measured in branded products. Iconic local product is commonly associated with territory image thus alternative strategies for local products could be considered by combining product authenticity and product attachment.

Keywords: product authenticity; product attachment; intention to choose; silver crafts



*Corresponding Author