The influence of online reviews on word of mouth behavior through consumer purchase intention in e-commerce

2019 IJRSM – Volume 8 Issue 1


Le, Khoa Huan
Director of International Training Center, Saigon University, Vietnam (

Luong, Duy Binh*
Department of Business Administration, Saigon University, Vietnam (


In online settings, user-generated online consumer reviews, one form of electronic word of mouth are considered as not only exogenous factor affecting product sales but also endogenous factors that are affected by consumer behavior. This study identifies effects of online reviews on consumer decision-making processes and how online reviews motivate consumers to make word of mouth behavior about the product through mediating effect of consumer purchase intention. The data is randomly collected from 312 Vietnamese online shoppers who had experienced Amazon website to reach the online reviews. By using tests of structural equation modeling, the findings reveal that online reviews in terms of source credibility, number of online reviews and valence of online reviews affect consumer purchase intention and also positively affect WOM behavior through mediating variable.

Keywords: source credibility; online review; purchase intention; word of mouth; e-commerce



*Corresponding Author