Faculty retention: Strategies suggested by faculty members of select private universities in Dhaka city

2018 IJRSM – Volume 7 Issue 2


Abdullah, Abu Md.*
Faculty of Business Administration, Eastern University, Bangladesh (abdullah@easternuni.edu.bd)


Employee retention is of paramount importance today. Organizations face a tough time in developing their human resources as they treat employees only as means of production and that is why employee retention strategies are essential to practice because employees are more than just a mean of production. When an employee does not get the proper treatment, evaluation and satisfaction from job, they decide to leave which make huge losses when the employees have been working for a long time. This study outlines the suggestions provided by employees. The purpose is identifying the retention strategies they want to see implemented. One hundred faculty members were chosen as the respondent group from five private universities in Dhaka city at Dhanmondi area. They were asked to provide one employee retention strategy that they want to see implemented by their respective organizations. The suggested strategies have been described. Aligning skills with jobs, a mind reader boss, valuing experience were some highly mentioned suggestions respondents opted for.

Keywords: retention; employee; human resource; strategy; organization


DOI: https://doi.org/10.5861/ijrsm.2018.3017

*Corresponding Author