Safety compliance and prevalence of occupational health and safety incidents among Ghanaian auto artisans

2018 IJRSM – Volume 7 Issue 1


Asamani, Lebbaeus*
University of Ghana, Ghana (


The work environment of Ghanaian local auto artisans has over the years consisted of various hazards that have dire health and safety implications. This study examined the extent to which the artisans comply with relevant safety regulations as spelt out in the Factories, Offices and Shops Act, 1970 (Act 328) of Ghana. The study also investigated the prevalence of health and safety challenges and work related injuries among Ghanaian local artisans. The mode of treating health and safety incidents experienced by the artisans was also investigated. One hundred and fifty artisans, comprising 141 males and 9 females were studied in a descriptive survey. The results showed that the work environment of the artisans was not very congenial and most of them did not comply with many of the safety regulations. Several incidents and injuries were experienced by the artisans and a great number of them also reported work-related health challenges. It was also found that about 38% of the health and safety challenges were treated at the hospital and more than 48% were self-treated by the artisans. The study concluded that the noncompliance of safe work procedures accounted for most of the health and safety incidents the artisans experienced. Among others, it was recommended that the Inspectorate Directorate of the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations should extend its inspections and health and safety compliance and education functions to the operations of auto artisans and other informal work settings.

Keywords: auto artisans; informal sector; occupational health and safety; safety compliance; prevalence of occupational incidents



*Corresponding Author