Work attitude of Ghanaian nurses for quality health care service delivery: Application of Individual and Organizational Centered (IOC) interventions

2018 IJRSM – Volume 7 Issue 1


Asamani, Lebbaeus*
University of Cape Coast, Ghana (

Agyemang, Badu Collins
University of Professional Studies, ACCRA, Ghana (

Afful, Joana
Airforce Medical Services, Takoradi, Ghana (

Asumeng, Maxwell
University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana (


Among all the health professions in Ghana, it is arguable but lucid that nurses have by far the most patient or clientele contact. It is banal that nurses are the most lambasted in respect of their treatment of patients or clients in Ghana. The present paper elaborates on these sentiments as exemplified across Ghana and attempts to provide answers to why the nurses hold unfavorable attitude toward the patients as well as how they form the generally unhealthy attitude at their work-settings. Underpinned by the concept of emotionology (with reference to local cultural patterns and nurses level of experience/exposure to patients’ pain) and high patient-nurse ratio, nurses’ odious attitude from Ghanaian patients’ perspective, is expounded. The authors thus provide an Individual and Organizational-Centered (IOC) intervention strategy from organizational development perspective as a viable and effective route to negate patients’ sentiments while addressing Ghanaian nurses’ attitude toward quality health-care delivery.

Keywords: nurses attitude; quality health-care delivery; patient-nurse ratio; Individual and Organizational Centered (IOC) interventions



*Corresponding Author