Culture and work: Relationship between socio-cultural values and organizational commitment among bank managers in Ghana using SEM/PLS approach

2018 IJRSM – Volume 7 Issue 1


Opoku Mensah, Abigail*
University of Cape Coast, Ghana (


The study investigated the relationship between socio-cultural values and organizational commitment using a sample of 211 bank managers from three regions in Ghana. The study design was cross-sectional survey using questionnaire as the main instrument for data collection on: socio-cultural values and organizational commitment. The study was underpinned by the socio-cultural sub-system model. Data was analyzed using structural equation modeling (partial least square).The results of the study confirm the authors’ hypotheses: Employees adherence to Socio-cultural values had a positive effect on organizational commitment. The findings of the study therefore suggest that employers and management should pay attention to employees’ socio-cultural values and consider integrating these individuals’ socio-cultural values into the organizational culture in order to promote employees commitment to work. It does also provide information for theory building and policy formulation as elaborated in the main study.

Keywords: socio-cultural values; organizational commitment; workplace; Ghana



*Corresponding Author