Basa-Hasa: Kompilasyon ng mga babasahin sa paghasa ng antas ng kasanayan sa pagbasa

2024 IJRSE – Volume 13 Issue 5

Available Online 5 June 2024


Rapi, Hezel*
Deped- Bulan National High School, Philippines (

Oyon-Oyon, Joshua
Sorsogon State University, Philippines (


This study ensured the validity and effectiveness of the developed intervention tools for reading among students from Sections 11, 12, 13, and 14 in Grade 7 Filipino at the National High School of Bulan, Bulan, Sorsogon, during the academic year 2023-2024. A descriptive-developmental was employed as the research design. Purposive sampling was utilized in selecting the participants of the study. The number of participants was based on the results of the preliminary assessment, categorizing them into Establishing, Emerging, Coping, and Deficit levels. The researcher used pre and post-tests in data collection using the Rapid Literacy Assessment standard. A checklist was also used for evaluating the printed materials from the Learning Resource Management Development System. The gathered data were analyzed and interpreted using frequency, mean, and t-test. The developed intervention tools for reading skills consist of modules, QR codes, and exercises. The developed intervention tools are highly acceptable based on content, format, presentation and organization, accuracy, and current information. The developed intervention proves to be effective in improving reading skills as the students’ performance level in tests is high. It is recommended that the developed intervention tools continue to be used to enhance students’ reading skills and can be utilized by teachers as interventions across different categories for reading learning. The continued use of the developed tools by students is encouraged to further aid in improving reading skills.

Keywords: intervention tools, validity, effectiveness, reading materials, reading skills



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Rapi, H., & Oyon-Oyon, J. (2024). Basa-Hasa: Kompilasyon ng mga babasahin sa paghasa ng antas ng kasanayan sa pagbasa. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 13(5), 163-178.

* Corresponding Author