Gender inequality: Religious women in Vietnamese patriarchal church

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 8

Available Online:  1 December 2023


Dinh, Kim Anh Thi
De La Salle University, Philippines (


Gender inequality is a pervasive issue in Vietnamese society, both historically and currently. It affects individuals across the country, even within religious communities. In particular, there exists a significant disparity between clergy and religious women. This results in the unfair burdens and causing pains and wounds that erodes the divine image present in all human beings, both men and women. Unfortunately, this is an unspoken reality in which the devoted and selfless contributions of the female religious are not often acknowledged and appreciated much. They are often deprived of opportunities to participate in church life and given limited roles, effectively rendering them marginalized and unable to contribute meaningfully to the church’s mission simply because they are women! This paper will employ the theological pastoral method of “See, Judge, Act” to explore the issue of gender inequality between clergy and religious women in the Vietnamese context. First, the paper will examine the current reality of this inequality and identify the various forms in which religious women have been treated unfairly (See). Next, the paper will analyze the issue of gender inequality from biblical, feminist, and cultural perspectives (Judge). Finally, drawing on pastoral and religious viewpoints, the paper will propose some recommendations in the effort to build up an egalitarian Church where everyone, particularly women, is respected and treated equally (Act).

Keywords: gender inequality, religious women, patriarchal church, egalitarian church, Vietnamese society



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Dinh, K. A. T. (2023). Gender inequality: Religious women in Vietnamese patriarchal church. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(8), 113-124.