LAKAS NI JUAN: Strategic banner program for improving school performance

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 8

Available Online:  2 September 2023


Manalo, Hazel
Department of Education, Philippines (


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized education in all its aspects and has challenged all stakeholders in achieving quality education for all learners. Alongside, the changes run the concern to develop a child-friendly school, create a safe and supportive work environment for all school employees, provide authentic, relevant, and meaningful learning for students, and unite stakeholders for a positive relationship between home, school, and the community. Making sure that education never stops and the foresight to rise from the effects of the pandemic, the proponent who is also the school’s principal, conceptualized and initiated a school banner program “Leading Active participation and Keeping continuous engagement of All Stakeholders to Nurture Innovation and improve learning outcomes for a Jovial, Unified, Access-driven, peaceful, and iNclusive school environment” or simply LAKAS NI JUAN School-Banner Program. The banner program is an umbrella of all leading projects of the school that mostly satisfy the goals of the school development plan. Its implementation has sprouted relevant projects and activities based on the needs assessment. Hence, continuous school improvement became perceptible. Each project is spearheaded by a chairperson who is supported by four key teachers. With the launching of the school-banner program LAKAS NI JUAN, the school was able to gain a much increase in terms of stakeholders’ participation which was the primary aim of the program. LAKAS NI JUAN School-Banner Program is a shared mission and vision for ALL and by ALL. It paved the way for achieving increased participation among our stakeholders, leading to improved school performance as reflected in our School Based Management System level of practice.

Keywords: banner program, stakeholders, best practices, learners, school performance, key performance indicators, school based management



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