Picturesque of Learning Action Cell (LAC) implementation: Input to the formulation of a localized LAC framework

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 8

Available Online:  2 September 2023


Ganiban, Emiluz
Calaoa-an Elementary School, Calaoa-an, Candon City, Ilocos Sur, Philippines (


Studies acknowledge the vital role of Learning Action Cell (LAC) sessions in the continuing professional development of teachers. With the implementation of LAC, more investigations are needed to describe and identify the means and the challenges in implementing it. Clearly, a dearth of studies on these areas using a qualitative approach is evident. In such context, this basic descriptive qualitative study was conceptualized to describe the experiences of teachers in attending LAC sessions. Using naturalistic inquiry, it described how schools implement LAC sessions as bases for the formulation of a localized framework. Thematic analysis of the extended texts yielded the four (4) C’s in implementing LAC sessions: Conducting Needs Assessment, Creating the LAC Session Design, Coordinating for Approval, and Conducting LAC Sessions through Various Strategies. These refer to how the school implements LAC sessions. Interestingly, the sharing of the participants revealed the three challenges or problems in implementing LAC sessions: time-related, technology-related, and output-related. Based on the result, the localized framework was formulated. Finally, the study concludes that the school follows mechanisms in implementing its LAC sessions. In such light, the developed framework may be adopted. Notably, conducting similar studies in a wider coverage are needed in which the output of the study should be implemented and evaluated in terms of its effectiveness.

Keywords: faculty development localization, naturalistic approach, professional development



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Ganiban, E. (2023). Picturesque of Learning Action Cell (LAC) implementation: Input to the formulation of a localized LAC framework. International Journal of Research Studies in Education, 12(8), 1-13.