Multimedia technology integration in teaching junior high school English

2023 IJRSE – Volume 12 Issue 7

Available Online:  25 August 2023


Molines, Rizzalyn
Bicol University Graduate School, Philippines (


This study aimed to assess the multimedia integration and literacy of teachers in teaching Junior High School English in Masbate Province Division, Ticao Cluster, which is composed of four districts, namely, District of Monreal, San Jacinto, San Fernando and Batuan. It involved 54 teachers or a total enumeration of all English teachers in Ticao Cluster for the SY 2017-2018. This study made use of the mixed qualitative-quantitative methods of research to determine the levels of multimedia technology integration of teachers in teaching Junior High School English, the extent of multimedia literacy, and identified the problems encountered. An action plan was also developed to address multimedia literacy and integration in teaching English. Based on the data obtained, it revealed that majority of the English teachers were on level 1 or entry level in terms of multimedia technology integration or 52%; there were 31% of teachers who were on level 2 adoption level; 13% or level 3 adaptation level; and 4% were on level 0 or non-use. The extent of multimedia literacy of the English teachers was labelled as satisfactory. The top three (3) problems that the English teachers encountered are the lack of technical expertise and knowledge to set-up, operate and troubleshoot when an error occurs, no or slow internet connectivity, lack of knowledge and awareness in using, manipulating, and implementing multimedia technology, lack of multimedia technology devices, and no or unstable electrical connectivity within the school premises.

Keywords: multimedia, technology, integration, English, junior high school



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